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黒鋼 明拉
Akira Kurogane
Akira kurogane by lenk64-d7r1plp

Species Demon Angel (calls himself an Evil God)

Destroy prayers




Make others' life a living hell


Evil Sky Temple

Akira Kurogane (黒鋼 明拉 Kurogane Akira) was an evil destructive god who reigns the Evil Sky Temple. He was also Eria Kanrei's nemesis. 

It's revealed that Akira Kurogane was actually a human boy named Akito after having been transformed by an unstable ghost girl named Kirame. After the events of Experienced Resident, Akito returns to normal.

General Information



Destroy prayers

Background Information

Kirame used an unstable person who died and became a demon. She got attached to a human boy named Akito, who had a terminal illness. Akito wanted to be cured from his illness and Kirame granted it in a twisted way by injecting her tainted blood into him. He was cured, but his personality was twisted and the tainted blood transformed him into a demon god, Akira Kurogane.

Afterwards, this new being lived his new life as a god ruining others' lives, such as turning Eria Kanrei into a monster.


Destructive Force Monster

He does not appear in the game, but it's revealed that he was the god who betrayed Eria Kanrei and transformed her into a monster.

Experienced Resident

Akira is the final boss, residing in the Evil Sky Temple. After he's defeated, Akito returns to normal.

Kodomo's Days in the Field

He is one of the possible bosses at Day Extra, together with Himeka Akaito and Christine Seaphera. However, at this point Akira was destroyed, so it's likely it was an illusion.

The Devastating Truth

Even though Akira is no more, he's the motivation behind the whole incident; since Kirame was inducing nightmares on people in order to lure Akito and turn him back into Akira again.