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Angeliana by lenk64-dafg5ld

Species Angel

Creating Daylight


1800 years old


Answering all Prayers and Creating Pearl Jewelry



Angeliana (アンジェリアナ) is an anmesiac angel who now works as a jewelry seller.

General Information



Background Information

A long time ago, the Heaven was full of life when angels lived there and answered the prayers of humans. But then everything changed when the heavenly capital got attacked by unknown creatures. It was the beginning of a war and after it was finally over, Heaven was devastated and most of the angels fled during the war. She was the last angel in Heaven and waited for the return of her comrades, but they never came back. Instead of them a new angel appeared, a black-winged angel. At first, she befriended the newcomer, until she realized very soon that this angel had evil intentions. The angel tried to fight this dark angel, but was defeated and she had no other choice but to fly away.

Somehow she managed to fly down to earth and collapsed, where the force of the fall made her forget her memories and name. For a while, she lived as a beggar until she found a beautiful purple gem on the street. Instead of selling it to get food, she got the idea to earn money with it by creating jewerly. Afterwards, she lived a better life and since she still didn’t remember her name so the people started to call her Angeliana.

Angeliana was happy to be around humans and didn’t even think about returning to Heaven. She was rather carefree and became a rich jeweler. One day she befriended a boy named Akito, who had fallen seriously ill. He refused any kind of help and Angeliana didn’t know what she could do to anyway to cure him. Unfortunately, while she was away searching for medicine, a demonic angel named Kirame tricked Akito and transformed him into a demonic angel too, in a twisted way to save his life. This new identitiy was Akira Kurogane. Angeliana arrived too late and blamed herself for Akito's tragic fate.


The Devastating Truth

While in Heaven, Angeliana encounters Miko Kokunai, Tenshi Megami and Akito. She is delighted to see that he returned to normal somehow, but still blames herself for Akito's possession in the past. Tenshi also recognizes Angeliana as a coworker from Heaven. Miko interrupts the scene by reminding them of their mission to resolve the incident.

Akito asks Angeliana for a friendly fight with her and the angel accepts. She's defeated and expresses happiness that Akito is back on track with his old life.