• 303melosi

    Nansei Comics

    August 5, 2018 by 303melosi

    Okay which one is you favorite, tell me in the comments below and if you have a youtube channel you can dub these if ya want, if you don't it's okay. :)

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  • Onion motherwise

    Currently, I think me and Lost-Paisley are the only 2 people contributing to the Nansei Wiki right now, I was wondering if we needed more help, I like editing and adding facts about characters, it's pretty fun to me, but sometimes it can get tiring, any help?

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  • Sakenzie98

    Nansei G-Major OST

    June 8, 2015 by Sakenzie98

    I want to hear from you guys. Do you want to listen to g-major versions of your favorite Nansei tracks? If yes, I can make a list of them down below (with requests and MP3 files (and downloads)).

    Here are some of them listed below w/download links (just right click "Save Link as​​"):

    • a Bad Way to Rejoice: Stage 1 theme
    • Towards a Climate of High-toxic: Last Stage theme

    • Tying the Cold Sky ~ Poison Death - Last Spell theme

    • Powerful Attacks ~ Apocalypse: Jigoku no Mokushiroku's theme

    • Welcome to the Dark Mansion Stories ~ Mansion: Stage 4 theme
    • Obscures the Most Beautiful in the Morning: Ending theme

    • Welcome Back ~ Spring is Coming: Main Menu theme
    • Land of Nanseishotō ~ World of Land: Stage 1 theme
    • Arrow Towards the Final ~ Beautiful Arrow: Extra Stage t…

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  • Sakenzie98

    I wondered...if there was something like Nansei-themed PS4 or 3DS XL, then I'd definately buy it. If I have the time to go on Decal Girl website and do so design such a thing, then I'd provide pictures and the links for them. Would any of you love to buy Nansei-themed electronics?


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  • Sakenzie98

    This "blog" isn't necessarily a blog.

    I know some of you Nansei fans and staff might want extended verions of Lenk64's music. Fledera is currently extending Demons in Wonderland. I'm extending other ones such as AM, NCM, and UTE.

    I'd like to thank Remi'Sato for working on extending Toxic Difficulty, Autumnal Mythology, and Unknown Traveling East

    Here are some of the download links (Right click "Save link as"):

    • Towards a Climate of High-Toxic: Last Stage Theme

    • Powerful Attacks ~ Apocalypse: Jigoku no Mokushiroku's theme

    • Come to Darkness: Main Menu
    • Welcome to the Dark Mansion Stories ~ Mansion: Stage 4
    • Escaped From the Mansion ~ Prisoner Escaped: Extra Stage

    • Welcome Back ~ Spring is Coming: Main Menu
    • Land of Nanseishotō ~ World of Land: Stage 1
    • Warm Sp…

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  • Sakenzie98

    Nansei 13 (My thoughts)

    January 7, 2015 by Sakenzie98

    I have heard that the upcoming Nansei episode is in progress. I bet the new project would be a sequel to...I don't know: Performance of Meadow Rain or Demons in Wonderland. I bet that it would have something like "Stage 1", "Stage 2", "Stage 6", etc. I don't have anymore thoughts...

    --Sakenzie98 (talk) 23:14, January 7, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Sakenzie98

    See my profile for more info

    I have more ideas for future danmaku games for the Nansei Project.

    Performance of Rain:

    • Have Shirable or Nozomi appear on the main menu section.
    • Make Orika Kagawa appear in the "player score" section.
    • Have Elly appear in the "name registration" menu (same as Lotus Land Story).
    • Iyona Gensai be in the "music room".

    Toxic Difficulty:

    • Mura no Inu in the "music room"
    • Tsuzeru Kazemeri on the main menu section.
    • Himeka or Haru in the name registration menu
    • Noroi Getokipa in the player score section

    Autumnal Mythology:

    • Have Kira Sakka appear in the name registration menu.
    • Have Usagi and Koushi appear in the music room.
    • Aka Sakka appear in either the replay section & the player score section.
    • Tokei Hijoshiki appear in the "options" section.
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  • Sakenzie98

    See my profile for other info.

    Nansei Project is not a danmaku game yet. I don't know how to make a danmaku game myself yet. So, I have some ideas for the game series.

     In Touhou games, ZUN doesn't include "Phantasm Start" or Extra/Phantasm stage difficulties besides "Extra" and "Phantasm" (for Perfect Cherry Blossom) in the main menu of danmaku games. Someone should put that in the game. For example:

    Autumnal Mythology

                                              Game Start

                                  Extra Start

                                                    Phantasm Start

                                      Practice Start




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