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赤色 姫香
Himeka Akaito

Species Strangler Youkai

Strangle others, hang people alive


2000 years old


Laze, sociable


Underground Secret Cave, Himeka's Shrine

Himeka Akaito (赤色 姫香 Akaito Himeka) is a strangler youkai.

General Information



Strangle others

Being a strangler youkai, she naturally has this fatal ability.

Hang people alive

She can hang others from anywhere and still keep them alive, presumably by using the ribbon/rope around her being.

Background Information


Toxic Difficulty

God Hills

Unknown Traveling East

After escaping the Underground Secret Cave, Himeka became a homeless wanderer. She's around the Forest.

Kodomo's Days in the Field

She is one of the bosses at Day Extra, along with Christine Seaphera and Akira Kurogane.

Hills of the Gods

Recently, fake Gods have been trying to sell their reputation, which does not suit well for most people. Gods, humans and youkai fight each other in an attempt to either continue or stop what the gods have been doing. Somehow after the events of Unknown Traveling East, Himeka found a place to live in a shrine, which is renamed the "Himeka Shrine". It's unknown if Haru and Tsuzeru moved along with her.

In her ending, she becomes interested in Ragoni's originally intended purpose, wondering if they were possibly meant to be used as a weapon.