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Hitori (DFM) by lenk64-d7k343i

Species Youkai

Transform into a shape (has feet in human form)


1000 years old


Keeping birds away, Yandere


Cold Maple Village

Hitori (ヒトリ) is an unstable scarecrow and one of the monsters created by Eria Kanrei.

General Information


Hitori is a very troublesome individual. It seems that he only acts unstable when he is in his human form, since as a scarecrow he is mostly silent and behaves like a normal scarecrow. Since he likes to tease his opponents with a smiling face and make fun of others as he laughs maniacally, which was an expression looking down on someone, he appears very sadistic. He is also very unpredictable.

Hitori is also loyal to his master Eria and most of his actions in the series are to help her revenge against Kuusou no Sekai, although he seems to have an agenda of his own and seems to prefer to use emotional manipulation to accomplish his goals. He's also in bad terms with fellow monster Yumi Murasaki.


Transform into a shape

Hitori has the power to transform in any kind of shape. However, he only uses that ability to transform from a common scarecrow to a human form.

Background Information

He is one of the oldests known creature created by Eria Kanrei and also the most unstable. It's implied that he used to be a human, but was willingly transformed by Eria into the scarecrow he is now.


Autumnal Mythology


Hitori in Autumnal Mythology

Demons in Wonderland

Hitori arrived to Wonderland together with Majutsu, an aspiring witch he had befriended days ago. He infiltrated Majutsu to be his unwitting pawn and gave her the items needed so she could become a witch, convincing her that Wonderland was an excellent place to train her new magic powers. However, his real reason to infiltrate in Wonderland was to foil Yumi Murasaki's plans and return her to Kuusou no Sekai.

After Yumi was defeated by the heroines and her reputation destroyed, Hitori wanted to return to Kuusou no Sekai, as his deed was done, but Majutsu choose to stay in order to learn more about magic. Hitori lets her be, believing that she could be of use in the future.

Destructive Force Monster

There are monsters lurking around a shrine in the top of an isolated mountain. Even though Miko, Ritsuka and Haru Akaito originally wanted to find about about the fallen meteorite in the Jungle, they cannot ignore the monsters.

Meanwhile, Hitori and Yumi are guarding the Kanrei Shrine, while their master Eria Kanrei lets the rest of her monsters roam free. After the girls defeat Yumi, Hitori appears and makes fun of the hakutaku for losing. However, he still wants to attack some more and goes after the girls, but he is defeated. 

Kodomo's Days in the Field

He is one of the possible bosses at Day 8, together with Fuan and Lunar Tsubasa.