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作歌 生罹
Kira Sakka
KiraSakka AoTU

Species Hidden killer Youkai

Inflicting death upon writing names


1000 years old




Halloween World

Kira Sakka (作歌 生罹 Sakka Kira) is a hidden killer youkai who works as a gatekeeper. She is also Aka Sakka's younger sister.

General Information



Inflicting death upon writing names

Kira is capable of killing people upon writing their names on the scroll that she is carrying.

Character Basis


Sakka means "poem" or "writing songs" in Japanese. Kira means "dark lady" in Celtic origins and "glitter" in Japanese origins. The characters for Kira's name (生罹), the first word Ki (生) means "living", while Ra (罹) means "catch" or "get".


Kira seems to be based on Sakuya Izayoi, from the Touhou Project. Both are the third playable character in their respective series and wear similar clothes. Also, Kira being a hidden killer is based on a popular fanon theory of Sakuya being a killer because of the names for her spellcards.

Also, her names and spellcards are a shout-out to Light Yagami from the manga Death Note.



Kira serves as the gatekeeper of the Halloween World. She fights against the heroines so that they would not pass, but is defeated.

Night Creatures in a Mansion

Autumnal Mythology

Mystical Lost Village

Kodomo's Days in the Field

She is one of the possible bosses at Day 9, together with Miko and Ritsuka.

Expressive Illumination

Art has been disappearing around Kuusou no Sekai. Machines, videogames and banned books are being eradicated and stories about Miko's heroic efforts are being destroyed. Kira is currently working in a post office, but she secretly wants to continue being a hidden killer. She takes advantage that Kaeru Shiawase wanted to help Miko and decided to assist her.