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佑作法 道唹
Michio Usanori
Michio usanori by lenk64-d88raj2

Species Wolf Kami



1000 years old




Mayoi's Shrine

Michio Usanori (佑作法 道唹 Usanori Michio) is an energetic wolf kami girl and the daughter of Mayoi Usanori.

General Information


Michio has a tendency to go into trouble with her youkai friends, but her mother is always there to help her. She's also interested in human culture and is a devoted student.


Power of anthropology

She is well experienced in the matters of anthropology, with an ability to use Human's culture against them to create any kind of youkai.

Background Information


Hills of the Gods

Recently, fake Gods have been trying to sell their reputation, which does not suit well for most people. Gods, humans and youkai fight each other in an attempt to either continue or stop what the gods have been doing. Michio's mother, Mayoi is one of those gods, who uses her shrine as a psychiatric booth but insists there's nothing wrong with that because she's helping people. Michio is not much concerned about that and just wants to have fun with Kuromuro and Ippiki.

She is eventually guided by Bijonu Ochosan to the eponymous Hills of the Gods, where a newborn automate golem named Ragoni is wandering around. Michio believes Ragoni to be a youkai, while Ragoni is confused about their birth and demands answers about their identity. After defeating Ragoni, she wants to make Ragoni her new youkai friend.

Expressive Illumination

She doesn't appear, but apparently her friends Kuromuro and Ippiki once again escaped from her and are wandering across the Beige Path.