Phantom refers to ghostly beings in Japanese folklore. A more general term encompassing phantoms is obake (お化け).

Types of phantom


Phantoms are the "standard" ghostly spirits which exist in both the living world and the various afterlife realms, which take the form of semi-tangible wisps similar in appearance to divine spirits and evil spirits. Phantoms include spirits of the deceased but can be born from humans who are not dead, non-human beings and even inanimate objects, and a single source can produce multiple phantoms; telling where a particular phantom came from is more or less impossible. Phantoms are cold to the touch, and a group of phantoms can reduce the surrounding temperature to freezing levels. A phantom who embodies a particular emotion will impress it on other beings around them, though for most phantoms the effects are not significant. Phantoms can also possess humans when their mental defences are low, causing their emotions to be affected until they receive an exorcism.

Ship Phantom

Ship phantoms are ghosts of those who have drowned at sea. They use their ladles to sink boats.


Half-phantoms are a subspecies of phantom described as the "half-breeds" of phantom and human, who are neither truly alive nor dead (and can be considered a type of half-youkai).

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