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癒原 妙子
Taeko Yuhara
Taeko yuharaPoR remake

Species Vampire

Communicate with animals


850 years old (PoR), 100 years old (PoRR)


Wanderer, drink blood (PoR), Spy (PoRR)


Mansion, River (PoR), Meadow (PoRR)

Taeko Yuhara (癒原 妙子 Yuhara Taeko) is a vampire and Kaoru Fumetsu's cousin.

General Information



Communicate with animals

Taeko can simply talk back to and understand any animal she chooses to talk to.

Background Information


Performance of Rain

Night Creatures in a Mansion

She is the Stage 4 Boss. She is imprisoned at Totte Mitsumete's mansion for her past misdeeds.

In the Extra Stage, Kaoru Fumetsu (revealed to be her second cousin) goes to rescue Taeko and came exactly when Totte was recovering after her fight against Miko and Ritsuka. He completely destroyed a section of the mansion and successfully escaped with Taeko; he even gave other extremely powerful prisoners the chance to escape due to the collateral damage.

Kodomo's Days in the Field

She is of the bosses at Day 6, together with Kaoru and Aoimoku no Kyuketsuki.

Hills of the Gods

Taeko now hangs around the Maid Cafe, where she likes to drink a mix between Dark Coffee and a Latte.

In her ending, after defeating Ragoni, she scolds the golem for scaring the animals.